Care Your Car Battery The Easy to Follow Tips

Whether you have a stunning and expensive car or not if your car has a multifunctional battery, the complete package will be ineffective without following proper maintenance procedures. Being a car owner, you should not think that your car battery is always in the best state. You should take care of it. Remember that one of the reasons for which a car does not get started is dead battery. So keep yourself away from costly service charge and hassle of being stranded somewhere by checking that condition regularly and following some easy maintenance methods.

From wrenches to hydrometer, cable puller to post cleaner and side terminal, you should have everything ready in your car and use as per your need. The regular maintenance of car power source should not be skipped at any point.

Some major tips that you should apply while taking care of your car battery are as mentioned below:

Make the car cables dirt-free

The foremost thing that you should follow is to clean the top of the battery and make the cables corrosion free. Mix baking soda and water and apply it on the terminals and cables with a non-metallic brush. Disconnect the cables, loosen the cable clamp bolts and provide it a gentle twist. After removing them completely, clean the corrosion.

If you use water, make sure that you use only distilled water and do not overfill the cells. Check for the cracks present in the battery case. If you see any crack, replace the battery.

Check & charge the battery

You should check the electrolyte level in each cell. If you find your completely chargedit has around 1.265 or higher reading, then everything is normal. If the reading is lower than this, immediately recharge it.

Disconnect the negative cable first while putting the new battery

First remove the battery hold-down clamp. Disconnect the negative cables first and then the positive. Replace your present powersource with the one that contains a higher rating.

Lift out the old battery

Tie a heavy-duty strap to the sides of the battery and lift it out carefully. You should be cautious and gentle enough while doing this, because the acid in the battery can be seriously dangerous.

Reinstall cables & clamps

Gently lift the new battery and put it in place properly. Connect the hold-down clamp and affix the cable to the positive terminal and then the negative terminal.

Hope you have got the clear idea of maintenance. Nowadays there are many companies that offer the facility of buying car battery online. They offer a wide range of battery and after-sales assistance as well. You can bank on such a reputed company and stay stress-free.

October 3, 2020

Care Your Car Battery The Easy to Follow Tips

Whether you have a stunning and expensive car or not if your car has a multifunctional battery, the complete package will be ineffective without following proper […]
October 3, 2020

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